Obtaining the perfect landscape design is a process. It involves a sequence of steps that allow the designer to develop a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing design for you our client and your site.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

At this stage the designer gets introduced to the clients and the property. Information is acquired about the clients’ wants, wishes and lifestyle. In turn, our designer uses this information to create the foundation for the design.

Step 2: Site Inventory & Analysis

Our designer collects all the important and necessary information that are crucial to the design process from your site. Measurements are taken and we document the site with photos.

Step 3: Preliminary Plans

Our designer uses the information gathered from the initial consultation and site analysis to come up with a concept sketch. At this point the designer presents these drawings to the client to ensure that they match their tastes. It is our designer’s job to create a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Step 4: Landscape Plans

When the preliminary plans are given the go ahead, the designer creates a landscape plan that is drawn to scale. The drawings show the complete landscape design and contain detailed planting plans. These drawings are presented to the clients.

Step 5: Revisions & Master Plan

At this stage the clients can review the scaled drawings and are able to make revisions to the landscape plan. Following this the final master plan is created and presented to our clients. These drawings are now ready for our construction team to begin.